Rabbit Boarding

Location: 142 Jalan Besar S208860 

Opening Hours: 11AM-5PM daily

Check In: 2PM - 5PM Check Out: 11AM - 2PM

  • For early check in or late check out, additional charges applies @ $15 per request.
  • For check out after 8pm, additional day applies.


  • Basic Suite Size: 1m x 1m
  • Superior Suite Size: 1m x 1.35m
  • Deluxe Suite Size: 1m x 1.95m
  • Litter pan
  • Hidey house / Tunnel
  • 24/7 Aircon
  • CCTV access supervision
  • Playground Playtime*


  • Free flow water and hay daily
    • TMB, APD,Chewbo
  • Daily healthy pellets
    • Oxbow, Burgess
  • Daily vegetables
  • Occasional fruits and treats*

*Depending on availability 



Single Bunny

  • Basic Suite: $28/day
  • Superior Suite: $30/day
  • Deluxe Suite: $40/day

Bonded Couple

  • Basic Suite: $49/day (for ND only)
  • Superior Suite: $53/day
  • Deluxe Suite: $75/day

Bonded Trio

  • Deluxe Suite: $105/day

For long term stays of 2 weeks and up, PM for discounted rates.
Additional $5/day for PH and School Holidays.

Medical Boarding

  • FROM $42/day/rabbit 

For Medical Boarding, PM for quotation.

For all boarding inquiries, kindly contact us at 8830 5772 via Whatsapp.

A Moon Bunny Representative will get back to you by the next working day!

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AVS Boarding License