Boarding FAQs

1. Can I book the large suite for my single rabbit?
Yes, you may. For rates, please drop us a Whatsapp message at 8830 5772.

2. Will my rabbit get to exercise outside of their suites?
Yes, we have a rabbit playground to play and exercise. 

3. Will my rabbits get to play with other rabbits or make friends?
No. Strictly no mingling with other client rabbits. Each suite and playground will be disinfected after use to prevent fights or spread of possible diseases and/or parasites.

4. Must we apply Revolution (mites prevention) before boarding?
It is not compulsory but highly encouraged. You may self-apply before checking-in if you know how to.

5. What time will my rabbit get to go to the playground?
Exercise time depends on rabbit's stress levels and subject to availability. There is no exercise time for the first 2 days of boarding as it is crucial for your rabbit to properly adapt to their suites and living spaces. Once they are more relaxed and comfortable, they will be allowed to the playground.

6. In an event of a medical emergency, what will happen to my rabbit?
The Moon Bunny will contact you (or emergency contact) immediately to explain and advise on steps to be taken.

We provide emergency vet transport services at the following rates:
(excluding vet fees and any other external costs)

Normal Vet Operating Hours: S$80 payable to TMB
Emergency Vet After-Hours: S$180 payable to TMB

7. What food do you provide for the rabbits?
We have a large variety of pellets and hay. Unless, you use a brand that we do not have, and not stated in our consent form, all basic food, water and necessities are provided. 

8. Do you provide supplements for the rabbits?
NO, we do not provide any supplements. You may bring it along if you like.