Rabbit Home Care Service (Medical Assistance)

🌕🐰 Introducing The Moon Bunny's New Rabbit Nurse Service! 🐰🌕

Responding to the numerous requests we've received for specialized care when rabbits fall ill, we've expanded our services to provide comprehensive medical care for rabbits. On top of medical boarding, we are now providing in-shop and in-home medical care services.

Our services encompass a wide range of care options, including:

• Oral medication administration
• Critical care feeding
• Subcutaneous fluid therapy
• Injections
• Wound cleaning
• Massage therapy
• And others

Available strictly on an appointment basis, our personalized care approach ensures that your rabbit receives the attention and treatment they need, following the guidance of your trusted veterinarian.

Reach out to us today to discuss your rabbit's unique care requirements and receive a tailored quotation. 🌟🐇

Rabbit Care Specialists

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