Wooly Japan Timothy (Medium Soft) Hay

Wooly Japan Timothy (Medium Soft) Hay

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Wooly Timothy (Medium Soft) Hay is cultivated in Wooly's farm and pasture located at the foot of Mount Yatsugatake in Nagano prefecture, Japan, the first in the world to specialise in hay just for rabbits. Everything is managed internally by Wooly from soil fertilisation and weeding to harvesting, processing and packaging.

Soft and leafy, Wooly Timothy (Medium Soft) Hay is recommended for senior rabbits and those who have weak teeth. Do note it comes unsorted. Timothy hay is essential for your rabbit's diet to maintain an optimum gut and oral health. High in fibre, it also has a good nutritional balance of protein and fat.

All hay from Wooly's farm in Japan has the following characteristics,
1. Pesticide free
2. Packed full of sweetness from growing at high altitudes
3. Fresh with no hay dust
4. Has a soothing hay scent
5. Only rabbits' favourite upper part of hay is harvested
6. Hay's colour, nutritional value and deliciousness are condensed using hot air drying processes
7. Only harvested once a year

Developed with the health, longevity and interest of your rabbits in mind! Try Wooly to create many more beautiful memories with your much loved buns!