Wooly Japan Italian Rye (Medium Soft) Hay 400g

Wooly Japan Italian Rye (Medium Soft) Hay 400g

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Limited harvest Wooly Italian Ryegrass unpicked. 

Italian ryegrass is both palatable and nutritional and can consider as King of grass! It is rich in amino acid which is closed to the legume family and is indispensable to the good health of your pets

Wooly carefully selected and cultivated this sweet /delicious variety of grass of low calcium and high nutritional values compare to most Timothy.

Size: 400g

Analytical Constituents 

  • Crude protein 17% to 19%
  • Crude fibre 11.7% to 16%
  • Total Fiber 25.9% to 30%
  • Crude fats 4% to 5.5%
  • phosphorus 0.22 to 0.28% 
  • Calcium 0.22 to 0.3%
  • Crude ash 8%-11%

Ingredients:  Medium Soft Italian Ryegrass harvest in Japan

Feeding instruction
  • handful - all-you-can-eat 

Avoid the heat and humidity and direct sunlight, please keep in a cool place in a sealed container.  

Please do not consume the drying agent in the bag that helps to keep hay in optimum condition. 

This product may vary in due to weather conditions.  

Please keep put in place out of the reach of infants (children).   

Do use the hay asap after opening for optimum freshness