Supreme Science Vetcare Urinary Tract Health Formula

Supreme Science Vetcare Urinary Tract Health Formula

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Naturally tasty and healthy


A generous blend of Cranberries and Blueberries provides antioxidants, which help to maintain urinary tract health. Dandelion & Nettle combine to act as a gentle diuretic, and help stimulate routine renal function. Echinacea and added Vitamin C (500mg/kg), also help to support the immune system and fight infection.


High 28% Crude Fibre

Based on Timothy Hay

Low Ca. 0.5%Added vitamin C – 500mg/kg

Encourages water consumption

With cranberries and blueberries – natural antioxidants

Echinacea – to help support the immune system & fight infection

Dandelion – a gentle diuretic – to stimulate routine renal function

Rich in “long fibre”

Extended feeding time

Promotes dental wear

Enhances environmental enrichment

A nutritionally complete and balance dietWheat and gluten free

Added Linseed for healthy skin and coat

No artificial colours or flavours

No added sugars


Ingredients and nutrition


The fibrous nature and physical properties of this diet will encourage regular water intake to help support a healthy urinary tract. It also uniquely extends the feeding time, resulting in added dental wear and improved environmental enrichment.