Pet Owner Rabbit Grooming Workshop

Pet Owner Rabbit Grooming Workshop

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  1. There will be NO THEORY in this workshop.
  2. In an event, you decide to attend this workshop without Rabbit Ownership Workshop knowledge, we will not be able to teach you prior materials.
  3. This workshop is hands-on intensive. 

The Moon Bunny Pet Owner Grooming Workshop is perfect for aspiring, new and old rabbit owners who wish to learn  the techniques on how to handle and perform basic grooming for their rabbits. 

Come join us at The Moon Bunny School to give your rabbit(s) the best care!

Price Per Pax

Class: $150

Optional Add-On

Basic Grooming Kit: $20 (Includes 1 Slicker Brush, 1 Nail Clipper, 1 Grooming Apron)


Class: 2 Hours 

Location: 142 Jalan Besar
Age Limit: 15 Years old and Up

Workshop Hands On Modules

  • 4 Rabbit Handling Techniques
  • Fur Brushing
  • Nail Clipping
  • Scent Gland Cleaning
  • Ear Cleaning
  • Physical Health Check

It is highly encouraged to bring your rabbit(s) along for the workshop.
*max 2 rabbits

1 Pax to start per workshop.
5 Pax maximum per workshop.

Terms and Conditions Applies