[FUNDRAISER] Mantou's Treatos Fruity Oat Cookies

[FUNDRAISER] Mantou's Treatos Fruity Oat Cookies

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Mantou's Treatos have partnered with Bunny Binkies Club to ensure every delicious bite helps rescue rabbits in need. With 100% of profits going directly to their vital work, your purchase becomes a meaningful contribution. Spoil your bunny and support a worthy cause all at once! 

Don't miss out! We're only baking 50 limited-edition treat packs to support Bunny Binkies Club. Get yours today and spoil your bunny for a cause! 

Each pack contains 10 pieces (random) of Fruity Oat Cookies. 


Organic Rolled Oats, Watermelon, Xiao Bai Cai, Apple, Banana

🐰 Mantou's Binkynotes: 

While Fruity Oat Cookies are tempting to everybunny, limit these treats to one every three days to support a balanced diet. Rabbits are intelligent furbabies who enjoy mental stimulation. Hiding treats like their favourite Fruity Oat Cookie around their enclosure encourages them to explore and use their natural foraging instincts. This mental exercise keeps them happy and engaged, along with a healthy diet and regular playtime. 

🐰 Mantou's Treatos Happiness Guarantee 

We use the freshest ingredients and take care to package your treats securely. However, delicate treats can sometimes experience slight cracks during shipping, which are purely cosmetic and don't affect the freshness or safety of the treats.