Professional Rabbit Grooming Course FAQs

1. What if I am unable to attend the class last minute?

Please provide a valid MC or cancellation 5 days in advance. For last minute cancellation without MC, there will be a $30 administrative fee for rebooking.

2. What can I do after this course?

You are able to purse a career as a Professional Rabbit Groomer. (with TMB or on your own)

3. What are the available payment methods?

You may pay by Cash, Paynow or Bank Transfer. Full payment to be made immediately if course is completed earlier than expected.

4. Are the professional grooming tools included in the course fees?

The Professional Grooming Tools set is not included. You may purchase it for S$159 at the beginning of the course. 

It includes the following items: 

  1. Slicker Brush
  2. Flea Comb 
  3. Ear Cleanser 
  4. Cotton Bud
  5. Cotton Pad
  6. TMB Apron
  7. Professional Trimming Scissors 
  8. Professional Straight Scissors 
  9. Professional De-matting Scissors 
  10. Nail Clipper
  11. TMB Grooming Powder
  12. Grooming Chair

5. Where are the classes held at?
142 Jalan Besar S208860.

6. Can I Use my Own Rabbits During Training? 
Yes you may. It is highly recommended in the beginning and for home practice.

7. What if I decided to pull out of the course?
There will be no refunds after application and payment. 

8. What is the breakdown of the course modules?
Drop us a PM and we will send you the course details.