Wooly Lactic Acid Bacteria Standard 150g

Wooly Lactic Acid Bacteria Standard 150g

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Wooly Lactic Acid Bacteria (Standard) is a well-balanced combination of three different types of lactic acid bacteria to increase the number of good bacteria in the digestive system, preventing intestinal trouble! Suitable for daily gastrointestinal health maintenance especially during shedding season.

It contains 3 probiotics,
1. Bifidobacterium
- Maintains balance of good and harmful bacteria in intestine
- Promotes smooth bowel movements

2. FK-23
- Improves immunity
- Withstands strong gastric acid for successful delivery to intestine

3. Spore-forming lactic acid bacteria
- Control growth of harmful bacteria
- Highest survival rate to intestine due to protective spore shell
- Maintains balance of gut bacteria
- Multiplies and produces lactic acid bacteria in intestine

Get the Wooly Lactic Acid Bacteria (Standard) if your bunnies have strong teeth and love a crunchy texture.

Developed with the health, longevity and interest of your rabbits in mind! Try Wooly to create many more beautiful memories with your much loved buns!


Daily recommended intake#:
Weight below 1kg – 1g to 2g/day
Weight between 1kg to 2kg – 2g to 4g/day
Weight between 2kg to 3kg – 3g to 6g/day

# As a general guideline, intake should be
1g to 2g /day per 1 kg of body weight.

There may be slight sour smell.
A serving of the attached measuring spoon is 2.5g.


- Specially formulated for rabbits but are also suitable for other small animals such as chinchillas and guinea pigs.
- Please store all products in a cool place. Avoid direct sunlight and humidity.
- Please keep in an air tight container and consume all products as soon as possible after opening to maintain the product at its optimum condition.
- Please keep out of reach of children.
- Due to the use of natural ingredients, the size, look and taste of products may differ for different production batches due to weather and season.
- Please adjust the daily recommended intake according to your pet's individual condition.
- Do take care not to ingest the desiccant in the packaging.



Lactic acid bacteria, wheat flour, corn starch, rice bran, agar-oligo, skim milk powder, dietary fibre, yucca essence, sucrose, glucose

Crude protein 14.1% ± 0.5%,
Crude fat 1.8% ± 0.2%,
Crude ash content 3.3% ± 0.2%, Moisture 7.6% ± 0.3%,
Calcium 0.19% ± 0.03%