Christmas Care Pack - In Collaboration with BWL & BBC

Christmas Care Pack - In Collaboration with BWL & BBC

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This Christmas festive season, The Moon Bunny hopes to give back the fosters of rescue groups that spent so much effort in caring and rehabilitating the rescues, by lessening their responsibility of the rescues’ diet and living expenses. 

Please check out this product separately from your regular order.

By purchasing 1 care pack you will be sponsoring 1 rescued rabbit to enjoy this Christmas, Care pack(s) will be delivered to Bunny Wonderland and Bunny Binkies Club at the end of the campaign.

Each care pack will consist of: 

  1. APD Hay 24oz 
  2. Petbest Peepad 
  3. Momi Freezed Dried Fruit Treat 
  4. Oxbow Simple Reward Treat 
  5. Supreme Loop Treat
  6. JR Farm Herbs
  7. Nail Clipper
  8. Slicker Brush