Bunny Nature Hair & Skincare 200G

Bunny Nature Hair & Skincare 200G

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Essential amino acids from sweet lupine & mung beans
Unsaturated fatty acids from flax and perilla seeds
High percentage of millet containing silica
Added mealworms

To support coat and skin, add Hair & SkinCare to the basic nutrition.

Please check the forage chamber regularly and remove any food remains.

hamsters/dwarf hamsters
½ teaspoon


¼ teaspoon

rats 1 teaspoon


Plata millet, kamut®, oatkernel, pea flakes, quinoa seeds, mung beans (5%), silver millet, perilla seeds (4%), sweet lupin flakes (4%), red millet, linseed (2,5%), mealworms (2%), marigold blossoms (millet total 32%)


crude protein 16% · crude oils and crude fats 6,5% · crude fibre 5% · crude ash 5%