24oz American Pet Timothy High Fiber™ Hay

24oz American Pet Timothy High Fiber™ Hay

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Satisfies the need to chew, and reduce boredom

Available in 24oz & 5lb

Product of USA


Ideal for Adult & Older Herbivores | Guaranteed No Additives | Even Higher Fiber | Fewer Calories | Supports Dental & Digestive Health

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Feeding and Storage directions
For best results, feed Timothy High Fiber™ Hay daily, free choice (always available), to provide the extra fiber that is essential to the health of your pet’s digestive system. Remove and discard any soiled or wet hay, daily.

Hay is not a complete diet and should be fed in conjunction with the appropriate American Pet complete pellet ration. Always provide plenty of clean, fresh water. Store hay out of sunlight in a covered container in a cool, dry place.